The Problem
America’s asphalt roads and runways are falling apart faster than ever before. Bitumen that used to last 8-10 years before it needed work is now raveling apart after 2-3 years.

The Cause
Improvements in petroleum “cracking” mean that refiners are now stripping out many of the essential elements that used to be in asphalt- the things that used to make it last and last. Today’s asphalt starts again before it is even put down.

The Solution
GSB-88 is a unique emulisified pavement sealer and rejuvenator made from Gilsonite-a pure and natural “petrified asphalt” ore found in only 2 places on earth. Gilsonite contains all of the elements that petroleum cracking takes out of today’s asphalt. Preventative maintenance with GSB-88 can extend the life of pavement almost indefinitely at a fraction of the cost of the maintenance program you aecurrently using. DOD studies show a 400% ROI.

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