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Maintenance Services

COOK can be your “go-to” expert in both Restorative Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance. We can resurface your streets and parking lots, replace your crumbling sidewalks and curbs, and repair your leaking sewer mains. Using state-of-the-art technologies like the latest paving fabrics and multi-layer resurfacing, we can extend the life of your pavements significantly.

On the preventative side, we are your source for cutting edge products that can make a dramatic difference in your bottom-line costs for the long run- while protecting the environment.

GSB-88 is a cationic pavement sealer and rejuvenator that replaces the asphalt elements that are destroyed by sun and weather – causing ‘blacktop’ to turn almost white. A DOD study of GSB-88 in military applications generated a 400% Return on Investment. Certified a “Green” , non-toxic product.

GSB- EcoSeal is an asphalt-based sealer that will out-perform coal tar sealers and can be used to encapsulate toxic coal tar sealers already down.